Our story begins in 1996 when James"Chub" and Sharon Dionne purchased a beautiful farm along the St. John River in Northern Maine. 

Chub knew at a young age that farming was his passion. We jumped at the opportunity to purchase land and support Chub's dream of farming. 

For a long time we worked the farm ourselves to grow and market our healthy, great tasting potatoes while respecting and sustaining the land. Finally in 2010, reaching our goal of   gettin certified organic was a very important milestone for us all.                                                                         


We planted many varieties of organic vegetables that could be bought at our very small roadside stand. We even started delivering our organic vegetables door to door and wholesale to many businesses state wide on a weekly basis. By now, with three small children, and too many orders to fill efficiently, we decided to expand our farm store to meet the demands of the locals and summer visitors. So in 2012 our family worked to build a retail farm stand and restaurant featuring many local made items and locally grown food. 


Everyone that visits us can taste, see and learn what our farming life is like. We are also a destination farm in a small town of about 450. In the summertime, our numbers swell to include a vacation community made up of many Mainers and other from across the country and around the world who come here to enjoy what we have to offer. Living, working and raising a family in Northern Maine with its culture and beautiful scenery is something one can only dream of. 


From planting to harvesting, Misty Meadows Organic Farm is in full operation from May to October. We open the doors of our retail stand in April and keep them open through October when we harvest our crops. As a certified organic operation, we are growing a wide variety of potatoes making it possible for us to offer more of what the customer needs. Now the products, that Misty Meadows Organic Farm grows and the family sells, can be found in grocery stores throughout New England and also at the family's farm store on Rte 1 in Grand Isle, Maine. 


Everyday our mission is to cultivate a relationship between customer and the farm. We do that through wholesale direct marketing of high quality table stock and certified seed.  Over the past 22 years Misty Meadows Organic Farm has grown into the diversified wholesale and retail operation it is today.


We are looking forward to many seasons of friendships. We know that it is your business that keeps us doing what we truly love and for that we thank you. 


Life here is busy, nourishing, and lots of fun...we'd love to share it with you, so please let us be a part of your kitchen by supplying you with some of our good, organic, homegrown food!